Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Etsy Shop

I've created an Etsy shop for my reborn dolls and any outfits or reborn bodies I may have to sell.  Please take a look here.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


My Serenity by Shawna Clymer has now become Legolas from "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy.  For these pictures, he appears as a mischievous boy fairy for an online class contest (he got third place).

Little Orphan Annie OOAK reborn Tayla by Denise Pratt character doll

I got my Annie done!  She was the first doll I painted, but I had put her aside to work on contest babies and now was able to finish her up.  Annie is from a Tayla sculpt by Denise Pratt.  Annie's auction can be viewed here: eBay

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reborn Measurement Chart

Here is a measurement chart for anyone commissioning me to sew for their reborn. 
*My model is Noah by Reva Schick wearing a body slip of my design and an anatomical tummy plate by Bountiful Baby.

Click on image for larger view

Disney Ladies

An upcoming R.E.A.L. online class will feature fair skinned princesses.  I compiled a visual "list" of the fair skinned ladies (not all are technically princesses) with their various outfits.

Animated Alice in Wonderland
Live Action Alice in Wonderland

Ariel Pink Dress

Ariel "Kiss the Girl" Dress

Ariel Wedding Gown

Aurora Blue Version

Aurora Pink Version

Aurora as peasant girl Briar Rose

Belle Blue Dress

Belle Yellow Dress

Belle Pink Dress (also has a winter cape)

Belle's Gowns, including the Green Dress

Cinderella Fairy God Mother's Ball Gown

Cinderella Wedding Gown (it's actually white, this picture looks grey)

Cinderella Mice Ball Gown

Cinderella Mice Ball Gown view 2
Cinderella Rag Dress

Giselle Pink Dress

Giselle Wedding Gown

Giselle Teal & White Dress
Giselle Flower Dress

Giselle Purple Ball Gown



Kida View2


Mulan Everyday Outfit

Mulan Matchmaker Outfit

Rapunzel as a baby

Snow White
Snow White Rag Dress


In June, 2012, Disney/Pixar will add another princess to the list: 
Princess Merida from the upcoming movie "Brave".

Here's a compilation picture of several Disney Princesses together:
(Note Ariel's blue "Out of Water" dress in this image )

For the class, several of the princesses won't work, but Lara has eBooks that will work for them.

Pocahontas and Tiger Lily = Native American skin tone (class in April, 2012)

Jasmine and Esmeralda = Middle Eastern/Indian skin tone ebook (available now)

Tiana =  African American skin tone ebook (available now)

Note, Mulan can pass for the fair skinned, but there will be an Advanced Asian class in May, and there is an Asian skin tone ebook available now.

Check out the classes and ebooks here: R.E.A.L Reborn