Friday, March 22, 2013

Busy at the Nursery!

I was part of another reborn swap in early March at a doll-get-together.  The rules were simple and one of them was to choose a Bountiful Baby sculpt.  I saw that the Nolan sculpt was on sale, so I chose that one.  As I worked on my swap baby, I really came to love her, she has such a sweet face.  I knew that most ladies at the get-together wouldn't really care for a character baby, but character babies is what I do.  So I decided to create a character that wasn't so obvious.  I chose to re-create Bo Peep, who is a classic nursery rhyme character and also a Disney/Pixar character from the first two "Toy Story" movies.  

I created a Bilbo Baggins hobbit reborn in preparation for the release of Peter Jackson's movie "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" part one of his movies inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's novel "The Hobbit".  I even gave him furry feet in the typical Hobbit style.  I hadn't sculpted ears on him, because I wanted to get his auction up before the movie was released.  He didn't sell the first time, but I recently re-listed him and my buyer requested the sculpted ears.  I was happy to comply, and his ears turned out nice and Hobbit-y!

My Princess Tigerlily was not selling.  I wondered if it is because Tigerlily is such an obscure character.  So, I changed her outfit, gave her a new friend, and she became Mulan, Disney's Chinese heroine.  I sculpted her lucky cricket CriKee and hand painted him.  Mulan (and CriKee) is currently available for adoption.

As a birthday present to myself, I decided to work on some keepers for myself.  I had been wanting to reborn a gorilla for some time, and I finally gave myself the chance to work on her.  She is going to be a baby Silverback gorilla named "Sarah Gorilla".  I need to locate the perfect hair and root root root!

My other birthday baby was my Lt. Commander Data (from Star Trek: The Next Generation) baby.  I worked on him the same time I worked on my Sarah Gorilla.  I called them "Night and Day" because their paint coloring was so completely different with Sarah being almost pure Carbon Black and Data being pale yellow.  (This is not the final body for Data, I have some yellow fabric I will be making a body for him out of.)  When I get some more "me" time, I will be rooting dark brown hair on his head.

Another "me" baby.  I got the kit "Sunshine" by Becky Bright as a gift from a friend.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to create my favorite Disney movie character out of it.  So, I began making Clopin.  He still needs black hair rooted into his head.

 Another baby waiting for hair to be finished is my baby Princess Aurora, better known as "Sleeping Beauty".  She was for a "Princess/Strawberries and Cream" online class I took.

I was commissioned by my buyer of my Rose DeWitt Bukater baby to make a Jack Dawson baby to go with her.